10 argumentative essay topic ideas that are easiest to research

yes, I know how hard researching is. And also that you probably want to avoid it as much as you can. Well, you can.

Not totally, of course. But it is true that you can avoid a lot of research.

The trick, in this case, is the choice of your topics. Many argumentative essay writing service topics are tough because we have to spend a lot of time researching them. But not anymore. Nope.

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I know a few topics that will require minimal research.

Let me tell you all about them.


Topic #1: Effect of Social Media

Easy, peasy.

It’s a simple enough topic and you must already know much about it. When I ask someone to write essay for me or ask for help, I tend to pick up an easy topic like this one.

So, if you are new to this then it’s best if you choose this one.


Topic #2: Diversity in Workplaces

Again, this is an issue that you are probably familiar with.

Workplaces lack diversity and it creates a lot of problems for the employees. You just need to argue if workplaces should increase diversity and why.


Topic #3: Punishing Children


Some essay writer service do believe that punishment (whether it is physical or not) works quite well! Well, you must have an opinion on this.

Think back to your own childhood and you won’t even have to search for more than the citations.


Topic #4: Confidentiality Trust 

Do you know that psychologists and priests are allowed to keep quiet and not talk about someone’s crimes? Well, should they be allowed to do this?

This one is an easy topic because a simple Google search will show you many cases like this and you can easily use them in your essay.


Topic #5: Internet: A Curse or a Blessing?

Urgh. Could any other topic be any easier?

I bet you won’t even have to use Google to come up with three reasons as to why the internet is a blessing or a curse.

You just need to think of the ways the internet has helped or harmed you.


Topic #6: Commercialization of Education

Since you are a student, this should be something that comes off as simple.

You study at a high school or college and you pay loads of money for it but don't you think that education is totally commercialized nowadays?


Topic #7: The Electoral College

Since we just had an election, this is a great topic to discuss. Also, there will not be any shortage of sources for this topic.

Ask yourself this question: has the Electoral College helped or harmed the country?


Topic #8: Taxation

Ok, I know that we don’t know that much about taxes. But finding out is not that hard.

Just Google the current taxation system and decide if it is working or not. You will find plenty of expert opinions so have a close look at their arguments.


Topic #9: Home Schooling

You have probably not been homeschooled but you might know someone who has been.

So, tell me, are traditional schools better than homeschooling? Or do you think that the focused attention of homeschooling is much better? Why?


Topic #10: Parents Vs. Teachers

Both parents and teachers have a great influence on children. But who has more influence? More impact?

If you start your search now, you will see lots of surveys and articles on the subject.


Here are your topics!

With these topics, you will be able to get your essay done quickly enough. But if you want something quicker then try those “write my college essay” services. These online services will provide you with an essay written just for you.

And that too in no time.


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